Q: When will the event be held? A: FDT Stadium 2 will take place on Saturday 20th October 2018.

Q: What time are the sessions? A: Sessions last 2 hours and are 13:00 til 15:00, 16:00 til 18:00 and 19:30 til 21:30. 

Q: What time is registration? A: 12:15 for the 13:00 session - 15:30 for the 16:00 session - 18:45 for the 19:00 session. Please be on time to prevent a delay to the session start.

Registration takes place at the entrance to the Famous Five stand. (To the right of the clubstore if looking straight at the club store). Look for the FDT banner.

Q: How old do you have to be? A: Nerf is recommended for anyone aged 8 and over but this is at parent's discretion. No-one under the age of 6 may attend.

Q: What should players wear? A: They'll be running around inside a football stand, and up stairs, so whatever they are comfortable running in. Trainers are perfect (we don't recommend Crocs etc) and jeans or joggers are fine. We'd advise leaving hoodies with spectators/at the side as they'll get warm running around.  

Q: Can I spectate? A: Only if you have children playing in the event. Unlike Terminal Infection at Ocean Terminal we do not have a lot of space for spectators. You may be sitting on stairs or standing. Spectating is free.

Q: Will there be zombie actors the same as Terminal Infection? A: No. FDT Stadium is a zombie free zone!

Q: When will tickets be on sale and how much are they? A: Tickets are on sale to the general public from 21:00 on Wednesday 1st July (after the Member's sale has completed) priced £25 per session via the store on the website: https://www.foamdartthunder.com/product-category/tickets/

Q: What will happen on the day? A: Registration: we'll have a few team members to get you through registration. Please download your tickets to your phone or mobile device for quick scanning. You'll then move along to the FDT Store to pick up any essentials for the war. Do not forget your free FDT Stadium stickers! Then get your picture taken in front of the FDT banner before trying out the chonograph to find out how hard your darts fly!  

When you have secured your ticket you'll be allocated one of two teams, either Military or Science. You'll be expected to dress accordingly (though this is not mandatory)! Your team will play against the other team to reach objectives and complete missions throughout the Famous Five stand. If you're shot by the other team you'll either have to wait for a high five from a team mate or head to one of several "Respawn Points" before you can continue playing. Full rules and safety briefing will take place before each session. Please note - all games will take place in the Famous Five stand - no-one will be accessing the seats or pitch.  

Our general rules video which applies to all our events can be found here - please ensure all players have watched this before they come along:  


Q: How will you tell the teams apart? A: As per all our larger events, every player will receive a complimentary neck tube (or Buff). Military will have to wear this on their head to signify their team - Scientists will not wear theirs at all during the event.  

Q: Do I need to bring my own Nerf gear? A: We expect most players to have their own gear but let us know in advance if you need any help with this.

Q: Do I need to write my name on all my blasters and attachments? A: YES! Anything that belongs to you that could be left behind needs your name on it. This should also prevent anyone else from picking up your Nerf gear by accident. We will have pens available on the day but please do this in advance to save valuable time. 

Q: Do I need to bring protective eyewear for players and spectators? A: Yes. We will have eyewear available for sale on the day for £5 a pair but bringing your own is preferable.

Q: Will you be selling any Nerf gear on the day? A: Yes we will have the FDT Store set up with dog tags, patches, dart pouches, dart magazines, t shirts, temporary tattoos and free stickers, as well as eye protection.  

Q: Do I have to bring my own darts/Mega darts/Rival High Impact Rounds (Hirs)? A: Regular Nerf darts and Rival High Impact Rounds (HiRs), no as we will provide those. If you want to bring Mega darts you'll have to bring your own. If you wish to use a brand other than Nerf please speak to us in advance or you may be disappointed on the day.

Q: Can we take the darts/HiRs home? A: No. Please empty all blasters and magazines before you leave - referees will ensure this happens.  

 Q: I'm a Nerf geek - what's the maximum FPS (Feet Per Second) allowed on modded blasters? A: This will be the same strict limit as all our skate park wars - maximum 100fps. (That's maximum, not average). Safe enough but also fun enough. We will have a chrono on site to check all blasters.  

Q: Do you have any footage from previous FDT events? A: We sure do - check out the videos here and please subscribe to the channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/FoamDartThunder 

Q: Will this event be filmed? A: As per the ticket terms FDT may take pictures and video throughout the sessions. By purchasing a ticket you agree to this.

Q: Can I bring a sports camera/Go Pro? A: Yes of course! We only ask that you tag Foam Dart Thunder if you post the footage online.  

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