Foam Dart Thunder

Countdown to TI4! See video for what you need to bring along and general rules are below! 


Terminal Infection - General Rules


- Wear eye protection at all times! Only take eye pro off if instructed to do so by a referee.  

- Seriously. Wear your eye protection! If you don't you will be ejected.  

- Be honest. Take your hits, tags and penalties or this doesn't work. We'll eject anyone not taking their hits. No joke.  

- Follow referee's instructions at all times. They are there for your safety. No arguing with referee's decisions. 


- Headshot. Don't do it. This isn't "Call of Duty" or "The Walking Dead". Headshots hurt. Keep it below shoulder level and avoid "those" areas as well. Keep FDT fun and friendly :)  

- Run on Level 1. Running on the ground level is fine, but no running upstairs.  

- Walk or run on the escalators. Once you enter the escalator, stand still until you move off.  

- Shoot darts whilst on the escalator (you're immune on the escalators as well). As soon as you move off you can shoot and are also a target again.  

- Likewise don't shoot darts at anyone on the escalators. It won't count in anycase, but don't do it.  

- Carry darts in your pockets. Load up what you can in your blaster/magazines then scavenge. Dart pouches are your friend. If you need dart pouches get in touch.  

- Shoot darts up to Level 2. Spectators wil be up there looking down. Shooting darts at Level 2 will lead to immediate ejection from the event.  

- Attempt to reach Level 2. Level 2 is out of bounds for all players. 

If you have any questions please get in touch or ask them during the safety brief.

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