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Take part in the UK’s first ever competitive Nerf League – FDT Speedball!

FDT Speedball Season 1 Winners - Murderous Otterz
FDT Speedball Season 1 Winners – Murderous Otterz

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Launched in Edinburgh and Warrington, we’ve taken the popular Nerf Rival blaster range and put it to it’s intended use – team games.

You’ll be part of a team of 5, up against another team in rounds of 3 games.

All blasters and ammo are provided! Bring eye protection or you can or borrow ours.

Leagues will last 8 weeks – Friday night in Edinburgh from 20:00-21:00.

Don’t be put off if you don’t have a ready made team of 5 – most of our players won’t either, so we’ll build teams around you and your friends.

Weekly sessions cost £8.50 per player, via the FDT website and must be booked in advance. If anyone wants to pay up front for a season in advance (as some have already done) just get in touch. This keeps it simple for us and means we can predict how many teams will be attending each week. No cash on the night please!

Results and league standings will be posted on the Blaster Tag Association which we are proud to be part of. Winners of the league receive a team trophy and individual prizes. See the picture below of our Season 1 winners Murderous Otterz with their custom shirt prizes!

Age = recommended 10+. These blasters are aimed at 14yo and up and can be hard to operate for smaller hands. Any under 10s players please get in touch in advance.

VERY IMPORTANT POINT – we’re not looking to make money from Speedball. We’d rather establish it as a new extreme sport and are looking to build a global audience. We have experimented with a live YouTube stream for our Season 2 League final to try to build that audience. We’ll try to attract sponsors as well but in our first seasons we’ll just be building the foundation for the league going forward 🙂

We’ll be looking for more leagues across the UK to spring up so get in touch if you’d like to be involved.

If you’re an individual player, an already established team, a sports club, youth organisations and anyone else you think may be interested – get in touch!

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