An important update for our Foam Dart Thunder skate park players in Edinburgh….

As you know, Transgression Park are moving to Ocean Terminal. However Ozone Action Sports, who own the site at Mayfield, have been in touch to say they would like me to continue to run a monthly event out there as well. This would mean 2 Edinburgh skate park events per month, separated by a few weeks. I’ve chatted to both TP and Ozone and both are happy with this.

Hopefully this means we can cater for players from both sides of Edinburgh as these parks are really far apart and I know some parents were concerned about having to travel to Ocean Terminal.

This will take some planning, especially since the new TP is under construction and there may be some changes to the park at Ozone as well, but I’ll do my best to keep the monthly event in place for May.

I may need to recruit some more referees so if anyone knows anyone, particularly students who may need experience of working with groups of kids (PE students for example) please do get in touch. Our referees do a great job supporting these events but 2 events per month means I can’t rely on these guys all the time (especially as some of them prefer to join in!).

As ever, thanks for your support – onwards and upwards