Foam Dart Thunder are pleased to announce in September this year we will be launching FDT skate park events in both Liverpool and Halifax!

Rampworx in Liverpool is one of the UK’s biggest skate parks at 90k sq ft! We’ll be using some of the space and will be looking at 60+ players to start with but it can take way more.


Mags on Ramps in Halifax is a 2 level skate park which will easily take 40-50 players.

Mags on Ramps

These will start after the English Summer holidays to give me time to promote them.

With 2 Edinburgh skate parks, and our existing events in East Kilbride and Leeds, this will take our total up to 6 in the UK by the end of 2017. Thanks to everyone who has worked hard with FDT to get us this far.

Onwards and upwards!