We’re thrilled to finally be able to reveal more details about the Nerf Humans V Zombies event at the Ocean Terminal shopping mall on Saturday 25th November! Keeping in line with the venue name we’ve decided to call it “Terminal Infection”!

The number of sessions is still to be confirmed but we expect a minimum of 100 players (50 v 50) to take part. The number of sessions will depend on how ticket sales go, and for all those asking, tickets will be on sale at the end of September.

Rather than just the usual game of Humans V Zombies we’ll be pitting the 2 teams against eachother with “added Zombie threat” until the last game which will be the more traditional HvZ game that frequent Foam Dart Thunder players and Nerf aficionados are familiar with. Only we’ll have actual Zombies! Furthermore, we’ll be linking this event into the storyline of the Foam Dart Bunker event held in August. Stay tuned for more on that.

We hope you like the logos we’ve designed – these will be available on a limited edition range of merchandise which will be available to pre-order and then pick up on the night of the event. This will include t shirts and our ever popular dog tags!

Join our Humans V Zombies Terminal Infection mailing list at the link below for all the details straight to your inbox! And click on the image before for a closer look at our main logo!

Terminal Infection FAQ and mailing list!

Foam Dart Thunder Terminal Infection Humans V Zombies 1

Foam Dart Thunder Terminal Infection Humans V Zombies 1