Tickets for both Terminal Infection 5 and the brand new iCombat Glasgow event go on sale to the public this coming Wednesday 15th August, only via our Ticket Page

Terminal Infection tickets always sell quickly so to be sure of getting yours make sure you are online at 21:00 this Wednesday. Please note that tickets for the Dawn Patrol (early session) can only be purchased for players 14 and under and their families. This is to give as many younger players as possible the chance to play in the early session. These tickets will be on sale for 2 weeks only, then any remaining will be available to players of all ages.

iCombat Glasgow is a brand new concept for Foam Dart Thunder, utilising a custom built 16,000 sq foot laser tag arena for which we are creating some new scenarios for you to enjoy. We’ll also be laying down smoke with both smoke machines and smoke grenades! With pumping atmospheric music this will create a fantastic environment for Nerf! Please note that this event is only suitable for players 11 and over due to the venue insurance cover.

Make sure you are online this Wednesday at 21:00!

See our Terminal Infection trailer video below!